Fantastic Eats and Where to Find Them

(title credits to Smarika Suwal)

Italy is known for having some of the best food in the world- and in Rome you can’t really go wrong with good dishes anywhere. But through some exploration on our own we have found some good places to eat every kind of meal throughout Rome…


Giolitti– the oldest Gelato place in Rome and honestly the best. You can get a small cone that is heaped with gelato and the fresh whipped cream (for free! Just ask for “panna”). The flavors are so rich and creamy it is definitely worth making the trek from the Colosseum over for a late afternoon treat. 

Millenium– this might be our favorite place because a). its so cheap b). its right down the street c). it is soooo good. This place has the amazing authentic gelato, and my favorite is the Mousse Profiterole that tastes like Nutella but is so creamy.

Traveling tip: We learned that the real gelato is the kind that doesn’t catch your eye. A lot of places has it puffed up in the tins and with vibrant colors, but this means that they pumped air into it and has artificial flavoring. So go for the real gelato that they whip up by hand.

To go pasta

Pastifico– Right by the Spanish steps, this take out pasta place opens at 1pm and there will be a full line of people waiting for its doors to open to reveal the two pasta types they are serving for that day. It is that good. And for only 4 euro you can get a huge meal of pasta. It is a must if you are in the area.

Crema e cioccolato- Literally one door down from our residence, it was the best place to go when we just wanted some take out pasta to sit up on the rooftop terrace of our apartment. They make it right here while you wait, and it comes out delicious every time. For relatively cheap you get a lot of food and a good meal.

Traveling tip: check the menu of the restaurant before you go in someplace. Often with the smaller restaurants they can only have a few dishes, or even just one for the day, and if you go in you have to eat there even if you are not a fan of that one dish. Trust us by experience.

UpScale Dinner

La Zanzara– This place is right near St. Peter’s Square, so about a 10 minute walk from the residence. We got a lot of recommendations to go there, and they were all right. A little bit pricier but totally worth the cost they had excellent pasta dishes and an extensive menu. Their drinks are also fantastic, so if you are feeling a nice night out with your roommates this is the place to go.


Good eats for cheap

Il Bersagliere– Another one of our favorites, it is only two blocks from the Residence (you can tell you don’t have to walk far for good eats). They have a lot of authentic Italian food for relatively a cheap price, and if you are not feeling getting a full meal you can get appitizers that are delicious– I would recommend trying their proscuitto and melon. For under 10 euros you can get wine, bread, and a whole meal.

Alice Pizza– This one we tried for lunch one day right after class as it was on the way to the train station. And we are so glad we did! It has amazing pizza, folded in the Roman style of course and you order it to go so it is perfect to take to the Piazza de Popolo and eat with a view. It has giant slices for under 3 euro, so if you are looking to go someplace cheap and fun with delicious slices that also have the unusual toppings of Rome this is the place to go.

Travel tip: Pizza in rome you pay for by weight so ask for a smaller slice and you will still get a lot to eat but for a better price.

These are our favorite places for a relatively better price so if you are looking to go on Maymester next year please check these out! Ciao!

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